Video: TNO’s ’Ceiling of Impact’ and the launch of LAUNCH


By Peter van Os, TNO, LAUNCH-CCUS Project Coordinator

In one of our TNO meeting rooms on the Leeghwaterstraat in Delft you’ll see a number of dents in the ceiling with names and dates alongside. This is the "Ceiling of Impact" at TNO’s department of Sustainable Process and Energy Systems (SPES).
The first dent was an accident. We were celebrating the successful delivery of a pilot plant set-up for a client. The cork from the Champagne bottle shot into the ceiling, leaving a dent. The cork itself ended up in the bin but a new tradition was born.
Every dent in this ceiling represents the start of a large, impactful project or the successful implementation of a demonstration plant for a client a group of clients. For example, the photo shows the well-known ALIGN-CCUS project, coordinated by TNO.
For LAUNCH-CCUS, we decided that we needed something bigger to mark the start of the project. And that led to us launching a "rocket" into the sky. The rocket launch took place on a beautiful afternoon on 24 June during an online technical meeting for the project and was filmed by SPES personnel.

LAUNCH has now been well and truly launched and we look forward to sharing our findings in due course.


Video filming and still images: TNO SPES

Video production and music: Richard Lo Bianco/SCCS