LAUNCH Final Event Meeting

13:00-17:00 CET

LAUNCH is aimed at accelerating the implementation of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture across industry and enabling the development of novel solvents to support widespread deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS). The project is co-funded by the ERA-NET Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT2) initiative. The project began in September 2019 and will run until February 2023.

In this final event of LAUNCH we talked about special topics related to the overall results of the project. We ended with a discussion exploring topics/areas for future research and how to secure the legacy of LAUNCH.


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  • 13h00 – 13h45 Welcome, Introduction of participants and project overview - Peter van Os, TNO

The agenda includes 10 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes for questions. 

  • 13h45 – 14h00 The war on solvent degradation - Gary Rochelle, University of Texas at Austin
  • 14h00 – 14h15 How to qualify a solvent? - Hanna Knuutila, NTNU
  • 14h15 – 14h30 Demonstration of solvent degradation Database – Andreas Grimstvedt, SINTEF
  • 14h30 – 14h45 Degradation Modelling – Juliana Monteiro, TNO / Lucas Braakhuis, NTNU
  • 14h45 – 15h00 Accelerated solvent degradation – Eirini Skylogianni, TNO / Muhammad Akram, University of Sheffield
  • 15h00 – 15h15 Break
  • 15h15 – 15h30 The LAUNCH rig – Juliana Monteiro, TNO
  • 15h30 – 15h45 Controlling degradation (mitigation technologies used at RWE) – Peter Moser, RWE
  • 15h45 – 16h00 Controlling degradation (oxygen removal) – Roberta Figueiredo, TNO / Fred Closmann, University of Texas at Austin
  • 16h00 – 16h15 Controlling degradation (cost estimation) – Angus Duncan, Altrad Babcock Ltd
  • 16h15 – 17h00 Remaining battles to win the war – Round the table
  • 17h00 – End of the meeting