AVR-Afvalverwerking B.V. is a leading Dutch Waste to Energy company, playing a growing role in the European Circular Economy. AVR sees Carbon Capture and Usage (CCU) as a logical step for recovering a valuable resource from incinerated residual waste. In May 2018, AVR announced the construction of a 12 tonnes per hour commercial CO2 capture installation. From summer 2019, liquid CO2 will be supplied to commercial-scale greenhouses to stimulate the growth of crops.

The capture technology at the Duiven CO2 plant is based on the monoethanolamine (MEA) scrubbing process and is the first large-scale installation at a Waste to Energy plant. Towards an enhanced understanding of the degradation mechanisms of MEA scrubbing, and to develop mitigation measures, AVR sees the LAUNCH project as an essential step to optimise CO2 capture performance, from both environmental (less waste) and economic perspectives (less chemicals consumption). AVR’s role in LAUNCH will be to facilitate pilots based on flue gases from our waste-to-energy facilities and to supply sample data of the CO2 of the capture plant at Duiven.