A recognised drawback of using chemical absorbents for CO2 capture is solvent degradation, which results in higher costs for project developers. Mitigating solvent loss and environmental impact are therefore key steps towards fully realising CO2 capture projects.

The primary objective of the LAUNCH project is to accelerate the implementation of CO2 capture across the energy and industry sectors by developing novel solvents and establishing a fast-track, cost-effective de-risking mechanism to predict and control degradation of capture solvents.

We aim to achieve this by developing:

Strategies to control degradation, minimise solvent loss and reduce the environmental impacts of CO2 capture

Taking the chemistry of novel solvents into account, we will further develop degradation management strategies, including optimised process design, flue gas pre-treatment and the removal of oxygen and iron from solvents. By integrating these strategies into a CO2 capture plant process, we aim to demonstrate the ability to control degradation and minimise solvent waste, as compared to bleed-and-feed or reclaiming strategies.

Methods to predict degradation of (novel) CO2 capture solvents

Towards gaining a better understanding of solvent degradation behaviour in large-scale capture processes, we will develop a publicly available solvent degradation database and generalised degradation network model. By improving our understanding, these tools will enable more accurate prediction of degradation impacts and related costs.

The LAUNCH solvent qualification programme

In order to significantly lower the cost of solvent qualification, we aim to further reduce solvent testing time and scale while delivering results representative of industrial settings. In doing so, we aim to promote uptake of novel solvent process combinations as a way to accelerate deployment of CO2 capture plants across industry.

More About the Project

Work Packages


Management, Dissemination and Exploitation


Predicting Degradation


Controlling Degradation


Closing Degradation Knowledge Gaps


Development of Solvent Qualification Programme


Demonstration of Solvent Qualification Programme


Techno-economic Evaluation


LAUNCH is a three-year EU-funded project aimed at accelerating the implementation of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture across industry and the development of novel solvents to support widespread deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS). The project began in September 2019 and will run until August 2022.


The LAUNCH project will deliver the necessary knowledge and tools to allow CO2 capture plants to operate in a more controlled and cost-efficient way. The project will also provide solvent developers with the tools to assist in designing and validating novel solvents. By avoiding uncontrolled build-up of degradation products, LAUNCH will improve the performance and economics of CO2 capture.


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