Los Alamos National Laboratory

The premier national security science laboratory in the US, LANL applies innovative and multi-disciplinary science, technology, and engineering to help solve some of the toughest challenges to US and global security. LANL uses world-class scientific capabilities to enhance national energy security through research and development of new concepts and technology for utilising energy with reduced environmental impact and improved efficiency and reliability of the energy infrastructure.

Our science programs are the focal point for basic and applied research and development (R&D) programs focusing on energy, medical, biotechnology, high-energy physics and advanced scientific computing. LANL spans 34.7 square miles and employs over 11,000 employees with an annual operating budget of over US$2.5 billion. Our workforce includes nearly 400 postdocs and 1,200 students. The Lab is home to multiple state-of-the-art chemistry and engineering facilities and has long-standing programs in the areas of carbon capture and storage (CCS). LANL experts have extensive experience in the areas of chemical separations, solution thermodynamics, speciation, and reaction kinetics applied to various energy applications including corrosion, CO2 capture, and solvent degradation.