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Ground-breaking CO2 post-combustion capture pilot plant achieves 100,000 hours in operation

Enabling optimisation of solvent use and improvement in cost-effectiveness for CO2 capture across industry   The CO2 capture plant at RWE’s Innovation Center at Niederaussem has reached a...

Little and large: a tale of two cutting-edge CO2 capture plants

Last September, TNO’s CO2 Capture Miniplant was transported from the Netherlands to Germany to carry out capture solvent testing for the LAUNCH CCUS project alongside RWE’s larger capture plant at...
PCCC-6 conference logos

LAUNCH CCUS progress shared at PCCC-6

Scientists from the LAUNCH CCUS project will be presenting their progress on research into CO2 capture solvent management at this year’s Post-Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC-6) next month....


Webinar 2: LAUNCH CO2 Degradation Database – collecting datasets for solvent R&D

15/04/2021 11:00-12:00 CEST |
Our second webinar introduced the new LAUNCH CO2 Degradation Database, which will share information and analytics on CO2 capture solvent...


15/03/2021 to 18/03/2021 | Online
15-18 March 2021 (CET +3) The GHGT conference, held every two years in IEAGHG’s member countries, is a focal point for international...

Webinar 1: Accelerating the commercial implementation of carbon capture

20/05/2020 |
Our first webinar introduced LAUNCH, an international research project focusing on the development of novel carbon capture solvents for...