WP1 - Predicting Degradation

The main objective of WP1 is to develop methodologies and models to predict solvent degradation behaviour. This will enable an estimation of the extent of solvent degradation as well as give an input to the design and development of countermeasures tailored to specific solvent/flue gas combinations.

Results will also provide a tool for screening potential solvents. This publicly available resource will be of great value for solvent developers when designing new formulations.

This fundamental work will be based on a multi-layer modelling approach, from data mining to complex chemistry connections.

WP1 is divided into 3 key tasks:

Task 1.1 Solvent degradation database
Task 1.2 Predicting degradation based on process data: Big Data modelling
Task 1.3 Optimised design of CO2 capture plants: Process modelling

Coordinator profile

Andreas Grimstvedt, Coordinator of WP1
Coordinator Name: Andreas Grimstvedt
Coordinator Job Role: Research Scientist, SINTEF
Andreas Grimstvedt (PhD) is a Research Scientist working in the Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering group, Department of Process Technology at SINTEF Industry. He has been working in the field of CCS since 2008, in particular in the area of identification and quantification of degradation compounds in solvent-based CO2 capture processes. His main fields of interest include statistical methods for quality management and improvements, chemometrics and multivariate analysis of experimental data, and he has been actively working with solvent characterisation, solvent development, chemical analysis and thermodynamics. Holding project manager or work package leader roles in several projects, Andreas is also an author and co-author of numerous journal papers and conference presentations.

More About the Project

Work Packages


Management, Dissemination and Exploitation


Predicting Degradation


Controlling Degradation


Closing Degradation Knowledge Gaps


Development of Solvent Qualification Programme


Demonstration of Solvent Qualification Programme


Techno-economic Evaluation


The primary objective of the LAUNCH project is to accelerate the implementation of CO2 capture across the energy and industry sectors by developing novel solvents and establishing a fast-track, cost-effective de-risking mechanism to predict and control degradation of capture solvents.


The LAUNCH project will deliver the necessary knowledge and tools to allow CO2 capture plants to operate in a more controlled and cost-efficient way. The project will also provide solvent developers with the tools to assist in designing and validating novel solvents. By avoiding uncontrolled build-up of degradation products, LAUNCH will improve the performance and economics of CO2 capture.


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