WP0 - Management, Dissemination and Exploitation

This work package covers all aspects of project management and dissemination activity across the LAUNCH project. Dissemination is central to the success of LAUNCH if the resulting tools, technologies and solvent qualification protocol are to be promoted to and used by industry stakeholders. Activities will include a digital and online presence, including this website as a focal point for all project information, as well as events, webinars and publications.

Around 80% of the project’s deliverables will be publicly available and we aim to provide an accessible and continuous communication flow with stakeholders throughout the project.

WP0 is divided into 2 key tasks:

Task 0.1 Project Management
Task 0.2 Dissemination

Coordinator profile

Peter van Os, Coordinator of WP0
Coordinator Name: Peter van Os
Coordinator Job Role: Senior Project Manager, TNO
Peter van Os (MSc) is a Senior Project Manager at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). He works on various projects concerning gas treatment with a focus on CO2 capture and utilisation. He is internationally oriented, with clients including national and international companies and SMEs and is involved in a range of EU projects and (joint) Industry Projects. He was coordinator of the CESAR project, which focused on the development of post-combustion CO2 capture processes and was a work package leader in its successor projects OCTAVIUS and HiPerCap. These projects have all made a valuable contribution to the development and demonstration of post combustion CO2 capture. Peter is also the coordinator for the ALIGN-CCUS project, a large project funded by the first ACT call with 30 partners and an operating budget of more than 22 million Euros. ALIGN focuses on the full CCUS chain: capture, transport, storage, utilisation and social acceptance and the goal is to develop blueprints for decarbonising industrial clusters.

More About the Project

Work Packages


Management, Dissemination and Exploitation


Predicting Degradation


Controlling Degradation


Closing Degradation Knowledge Gaps


Development of Solvent Qualification Programme


Demonstration of Solvent Qualification Programme


Techno-economic Evaluation


The primary objective of the LAUNCH project is to accelerate the implementation of CO2 capture across the energy and industry sectors by developing novel solvents and establishing a fast-track, cost-effective de-risking mechanism to predict and control degradation of capture solvents.


The LAUNCH project will deliver the necessary knowledge and tools to allow CO2 capture plants to operate in a more controlled and cost-efficient way. The project will also provide solvent developers with the tools to assist in designing and validating novel solvents. By avoiding uncontrolled build-up of degradation products, LAUNCH will improve the performance and economics of CO2 capture.


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