Video: TNO’s ’Ceiling of Impact’ and the launch of LAUNCH

By Peter van Os, TNO, LAUNCH-CCUS Project Coordinator In one of our TNO meeting rooms on the Leeghwaterstraat in Delft you’ll see a number of dents in the ceiling with names and dates alongside...

LAUNCH-CCUS Covid-19 statement

The wellbeing of our colleagues and wider community is paramount. As part of global efforts to contain the Covid-19 outbreak we are now working remotely while attempting to keep our research on...

Blog: The science behind LAUNCH’s focus on capture solvents

By Indira Mann, SCCS Communications & Knowledge Exchange Executive The beginning of a new project can be a heady time, the jubilation of securing funding giving way to the nuts and bolts of...
Composite moulding at Biobe AS. Composites or GRP have much better mechanical and temperature performances than most thermoplastics and can be used in very demanding  products. Photo: Biobe AS

Partner profile: Moulding the future of carbon capture

Our planet is facing an environmental crisis created by plastic overuse, yet this obscures the benefits of a versatile material, which has been used in everything from food production and medical...

LAUNCH follows kick-off with unveiling of project website

The LAUNCH project has unveiled its new website, which will provide an accessible hub for all details and activities relating to the project. Funded through the EU’s ERA-NET ACT initiative,...